Lincoln's Gear are miscellaneous items in Mafia III.


Lincoln's Gear is a set of items carried by Lincoln Clay to perform various gameplay functions throughout the game. These items are only equipped when they're needed and are otherwise not accessible to the player.


Lincoln's Gear 2


Lincoln carries a Zippo style lighter with him throughout the game. It's first seen in The Home Fires Burn when he sets fire to some items before leaving for the Federal Reserve, and it's used by him in numerous cutscenes thereafter. In game, it can be used to set fire to various targets of opportunity by approaching them and pressing the interact button.


Lincoln's Gear 3


The crowbar is acquired in The Home Fires Burn when Lincoln opens the cage door inside the Federal Reserve vault, and it's used thereafter for lock pulling. Lock pulling is a covert way to infiltrate locked doors as well as the only method of opening a Junction Box. On doors you get three attempts, after which you have to kick the door, drawing the attention of anyone nearby. On junction boxes a miss exits you from the operation and you will have to redo it. There is no number of missed attempts on junction boxes. When lock pulling, the smaller you get the green section on the first step, the larger it will be on the second. The crowbar is also used to smash targets of opportunity by approaching them and pressing the interact button.

Combat Knife

Lincoln's Gear 4

Combat knife

During Thicker Than Blood, Lincoln will recover his combat knife, and it will remain in his inventory from then on. While it does not appear with other weapons in the wheel menu, it is automatically taken out during stealthy and brutal lethal takedowns and will permanently neutralize an enemy.


Lincoln's Gear 5


The radio will be given to Lincoln by John Donovan during The Way of Flesh. It can be used to request support from the Arms Dealer, Vehicle Delivery, Consigliere, Police Dispatcher, Operator, or to call in a Hit Squad. It will also be used to communicate with Roxy Laveau, Mitch Decosta, John Donovan, and Robert Marshall when Lincoln is teamed up with them on missions in both Faster, Baby! and Stones Unturned.

Recon Camera

Lincoln's Gear 6

Recon camera

The recon camera will be retrieved by Lincoln from the basement of Sammy's Bar during A Little Closure. It is used to take pictures of clues while investigating The Ensanglante in Sign of the Times. The camera can only be used when prompted by the game.

Black Light

Lincoln's Gear 7

Black light

During Covered in Blood, Lincoln will be instructed by Oscar to pick up the black light from the storage room in Nuit Blanche. It is used to see otherwise invisible messages and clues left by The Ensanglante, and it can also serve to light the way in dark areas. The black light can only be used in select areas of the game.