Limo Movin' is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Antonio Balsamo. JA Icon T
"Hey, this car thing's startin' to pay off. Be surprised how many of these rich bastards are cheaper than the shylocks downtown. Just got an order for a limo at our, uh, discount prices. Find it, bring it to the dock so we can move it fast and you'll get your cut. But Joe, these downtown pricks want it perfect. You scratch it up and you get shit."


Get in a vehicle and drive to Hillwood where the white limousine will be parked in a driveway. Watch your speed as you get close, as you don't want any police following you to the job.

Park on the street in front of the house, get out, and take cover by your car. There will be three gangsters standing guard near the limo, so check your mini-map to make sure no police are nearby and when it's clear take the three guards out.

Hop in the limo and drive it back to the docks where you started. Contrary to what the mission brief stated the limo can have some minor damage, so a few scratches here and there won't matter. If the vehicle takes too much damage you'll get a message on your screen letting you know; if that happens just stop by a body shop along the way and get it fixed, as you should have plenty of time left on the clock.

When you get to the docks drive it onto the lift, then get out and walk away. Once it begins to rise the safe zone will appear nearby to end the mission.


  • The license plate on the limo is GHOST1.