Laveau's Movement is an organization in Mafia III.



Laveau's Movement is a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organization founded by Charles Laveau. Their primary goal is to bring about social change and justice for all people of color in New Bordeaux. They're based out of Laveau's Compound in Bayou Fantom.

Slim Beaumont

Since early 1967, Laveau's Movement has been focused on bringing down Walter Beaumont, the racist Sheriff who rules Sinclair Parish, a small rural community just outside of New Bordeaux. As Sheriff, Beaumont uses his power to keep the status quo of the Parish's all-white population.

The movement spent the last year collecting evidence against the Sheriff, documenting his countless violations against any person of color who dared set foot in his Parish. When the Sheriff kills Ezekiel Dandridge and takes the evidence the movement had gathered, Laveau turns to Lincoln Clay, the one man he knows who can get it back and bring Slim to justice.

Together with Roxy Laveau and Mitch "M.J." Decosta, Lincoln and the group take down Beaumont and his band of corrupt deputies, forcing Slim to answer for his crimes in federal court. Through their efforts, Beaumont is sentenced to fifteen years in prison, of which he ultimately serves twelve, mostly in solitary confinement. After his release, Beaumont was shot and killed in 1989 in the driveway of his home. There were no suspects and no one was ever charged.




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