Laveau's Compound is a location in Mafia III.


Laveau's Compound is a camp located on the outskirts of Bayou Fantom, just south of Delray Hollow. It is used by Charles Laveau, his daughter Roxy and the members of their black militant movement as a base of operation for training and planning.

After Sheriff Beaumont has been dealt with, M.J. will move his marijuana operation to the compound, where he and Lincoln will set up a new Grow House.


Notable Items



  • A note inside Laveau's office.


  • The compound can be accessed from the start of the game, giving players free access to powerful weapons early on.
  • Once Faster, Baby! is completed, Charles and Roxy Laveau will be gone from the compound.


  • Laveau's office
  • Shooting range
  • Laveau's office interior
  • Garden
  • Grow House
  • Note from 'T' to Laveau

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