The Lassiter Nightcrawler is a vehicle in Mafia III.


The Lassiter Nightcrawler is a two-door coupe utility pickup.


71 Speed
68 Acceleration
59 Handling
70 Durability


This vehicle is added with the Faster, Baby! DLC. It becomes available from the Vehicle Delivery menu after completing Ain't Nowhere Safer.


  • The Nightcrawler is first driven in Kickin' Up Dust, and it remains the main vehicle throughout the Faster, Baby! DLC.

Custom Decals

The Nightcrawler has two custom decals available at Big Rick's Custom Auto.

  • Revolution - Complete Ain't Nowhere Safer to unlock.
  • Nightcrawler - Complete Concerned Citizens to unlock.


  • It is similar in appearance to the third generation Chevrolet El Camino.
  • Roxy Laveau owns a red and black one with bulletproof tires in Faster, Baby! Once the main storyline of the DLC is over, it will revert to standard tires if the player has it delivered or reloads the game.
  • If you're driving the Nightcrawler when you pick up Donovan in Creature of Habit, he will comment on it being a nice car and ask Lincoln how he got his hands on it.


  • Rear view
  • With the Nightcrawler decal
  • With the Revolution decal
  • Lassiter logo
  • Lassiter Nightcrawler ad