Larry Kenney is a voice actor in Mafia II.

Larry began his career when he was 15 in 1963 as a Disc Jockey at a Radio station in Peoria, Illinois. He went on to in New York, Cleveland, and Chicago. He later became a cast member on the radio show 'Imus in the Morning' in 1973. There, he made fun of political figures & celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Ross Perot, and Richard Nixon.

He made his way into TV when he became the host of the New York show Bowling for Dollars from 1976 to 1979. He also does the voice for Sonny the Coco Bird for Cocoa Puffs.

He is also known for his voice work as Lion-O on the 1980s Rankin-Bass cartoon ThunderCats, as well as Karate Kat, a martial arts blackbelt cat featured as part of The Comic Strip. He was also the voice of Bluegrass in Silverhawks.

In recent years, he has reprised this role for humorous Thundercats references on the animated series Family Guy. Warner Bros announced that a new Thundercats animated series is in the works, set to air in 2011 on Cartoon Network. Kenney will return to the series, but will be voicing Claudus, Lion-O's and Tygra's Father.

† As 2k Czech did not give full credits to voice actors in Mafia II, we are not certain this actor voiced the parts listed. If you have confirmation either way please contact one of our admins.