Landry's Roadhouse is a location in Mafia III.


Landry's Roadhouse is a bar located in Sinclair Parish just north of the town center. It's the hangout of the local Southern Union, who have a private clubhouse in an underground bunker located in the back where Deputy Tupelo and his friends hang out.


Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.



  • $875-$1250 in cash in the kitchen.
  • A note on the bar.


  • There is a stuffed and mounted alligator on the stage with "Zavesky" engraved in its plaque. That name appears twice in the Mafia III Credits.
  • While a sign above the bar reads "No Colored Allowed", nothing is said to Lincoln when he is in the establishment.


  • Interior
  • Note found on the bar
  • Underground bunker entrance
  • Underground bunker main room
  • Underground bunker bar
  • Underground bunker back room