Kickback is the money Lincoln Clay receives from his underbosses from the rackets and districts they control.


Earning Kickback

Kickback 2

Lincoln will begin earning kickback as soon as he takes over his first racket. The amount is based on a percentage of each racket's total earn. The percentage can range as low as 0.8 percent to as much as 2 percent. In the event that an underboss is killed after they betray Lincoln, the kickback may drop as low as 0.4 percent.

Kickback is paid by Lincoln's underbosses every 24 game-hours. The amount will not accumulate, so it's necessary to collect it after it's paid as soon as possible. Once it's collected, the clock will reset and they will pay again 24 game-hours after that.


Rackets and Loyalty

The higher an underboss's loyalty, the higher the kickback will be. Loyalty can be raised by assigning rackets and districts to underbosses and completing their side missions. Loyalty will drop if you ask an underboss to lock down a racket but not give the entire district to them at the sitdown. It will also drop if they're never assigned any rackets or districts at all. If an underboss's loyalty goes low enough their kickback can drop to zero.

Racket Earn


When Lincoln first takes over a racket its initial earn will be much lower than its full potential. When taking over a racket, each will be run by a Racket Boss and many have informants that help Lincoln along the way. These individuals have experience in the racket's operation and, if recruited to work for Lincoln, that experience will increase the initial earn of that racket.

A racket's earn may also be increased by stealing various types of contraband and delivering it to the racket for them to sell. Each successful delivery will raise a racket's earn by $20,000.

Kickback Perks

The Consigliere

The Consigliere perk offered by Vito Scaletta can be upgraded to include having Betty Johnson pick up Lincoln's kickback, saving him the trouble of driving to each of his underbosses to collect it himself.


  • 24 game-hours, or one game day, is the equivalent of one real world hour. Time spent in the menu and cutscenes may increase this time.
  • The maximum kickback with all rackets at full earn is $21,600.