A Junction Box is a gameplay mechanic item found in Mafia III.

Gameplay Usage

Junction boxes are used for wiretapping districts in New Bordeaux. They are marked on your main map by the Junction Box Icon icon. To wiretap the area you will need to install three TL-49 Fuses into each junction box.

Their locations will appear on your map once you've passed within close proximity to one, otherwise the locations for all junction boxes will show once you've received your initial briefing from John Donovan for that district.

Junction Boxes

There are 89 junction boxes total around New Bordeaux and Bayou Fantom and another three in Sinclair Parish.

  • Barclay Mills has ten junction boxes.
  • Bayou Fantom has ten junction boxes.
  • Delray Hollow has five junction boxes.
  • Downtown has ten junction boxes.
  • French Ward has nine junction boxes.
  • Frisco Fields has eleven junction boxes.
  • Pointe Verdun has seven junction boxes.
  • River Row has nine junction boxes.
  • Southdowns has nine junction boxes.
  • Tickfaw Harbor has nine junction boxes.
  • Sinclair Parish has three junction boxes.


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  • TL-49 fuse
  • Barclay Mills junction box locations
  • Bayou Fantom junction box locations
  • Delray Hollow junction box locations
  • Downtown junction box locations
  • French Ward junction box locations
  • Frisco Fields junction box locations
  • Pointe Verdun junction box locations
  • River Row junction box locations
  • Southdowns junction box locations
  • Tickfaw Harbor junction box locations