Judge Holden is a character in Mafia III.


Judge Cornelius Holden is a Judge in the Fifth Circuit Court of Louisiana. He was elected to the position in 1951. A well-known judge, Holden is heavily crooked out of the public eye and is the Marcano crime family's most important political asset, Marcano having paid him a very high amount of money to bring him under their pockets. "Uncle" Lou Marcano makes sure that Holden gets "what he wants", like hookers and booze, while also making demands and protecting him.

Holden was a conservative judge who upheld old Southern views of white supremacy. If tailed during The Poor Sumbitch, he can be overheard saying that he'll acquit Hollis Dupree, whose trial for double homicide he was presiding over, because he believes a white man has a right to defend his home.

When Sal Marcano started his plans of building a casino and legalizing gambling in the city, he told Uncle Lou to make Holden try to legalize gambling for them. In 1968, Holden was not very cooperative with Lou and was frightened by Lincoln Clay's attacks on Lou's rackets and henchmen.

Lou offered Holden his best men and bodyguards to keep him safe, but Holden didn't listen and tried to escape the district in a convoy of three cars full of his bodyguards, which proved fruitless, since Lincoln was able to track down and murder him. After his death, a radio news broadcast on WNBX indicates the police believe his murder to be related with the Hollis Dupree case, rather than his ties to the Marcanos.




  • Judge Holden's election propaganda
  • Judge Holden dead in his car