Joe's Girl is a character in Mafia II.


She is one of Joe Barbaro's girls. She also has an interest in Vito Scaletta and flirts with him. She is first seen in Home Sweet Home twice, first at the bar then again at Joe's apartment the following morning. In The Buzzsaw, she is seen being harassed by some guy who blames her for wrecking his car. By beating up this guy she will thank you, and this will earn you the A Lesson in Manners achievement. She is seen in the Frankie Potts files which state she is sweet on Clemente, and that she is seen with Eddie Scarpa and Luca Gurino. She works at the Garden of Eden.

Mission Appearances


  • She can be seen numerous times around the city as a random NPC.
  • She's an employee at the Cathouse and can be seen there with Joe in In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza.
  • She drives a violet Shubert 38, as shown in The Buzzsaw.
  • She seems to appear alongside Gina in a photo with Luca Gurino. This probably isn't her, considering the fact that her character model can be seen all over the city.
  • In the mission The Buzzsaw her voice sounds different from that in her other appearances.
  • It is possible for the player to kill her in Chapter 5 by blowing up her car. However, this doesn't change any later events.