Jimmy Cavar is a character in Mafia III.



Jimmy Cavar owns Cavar Construction and is involved in various criminal activities with the Marcano Crime Family. A former Union boss, Jimmy "inherited" his construction company from its previous owner when he refused to play ball with him. He's been scamming the New Bordeaux City Hall ever since. [1]

Current Operations

Working for Marcano lieutenant Tony Derazio, Cavar uses his construction company as a front for Marcano's operations across the city. His construction site in Downtown serves as his main hub and is one of two rackets under Derazio's control.

He managed to get city clerk Lennie Davis in his pocket by having a prostitute sleep with Davis while being filmed, and he's been using that as leverage to force Davis to rubber stamp phony building contracts. Using this connection, Derazio funnels city building projects to Cavar, who then takes years to complete the work. Separately, Cavar sells the equipment and supplies he bought with city money back to the city at a mark-up.


In 1968, Cavar's racket was taken over by Lincoln Clay, who was working with inside information he received from Lennie Davis. Lincoln damaged Jimmy's construction operations by killing his enforcers and other personnel, and damaging the racket's assets. Once everything fell apart, Cavar was drawn out, giving Lincoln the opportunity to confront him. After successfully infiltrating the Cavar Construction Site, Lincoln dealt with Cavar and ended his association with the Marcano Crime Family.



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