Jimmy Breedlove was a recording artist and musician who had some minor fame in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Breedlove's career started as a member of The Cues. This was a group formed by Atlantic Records arranger Jesse Stone in mid-1954 with the strict purpose to do professional backup work on records. Prior to that time, choruses were put together for a specific recording. The original Cues were Ollie Jones, Abel DeCosta, Robie Kirk and Eddie Barnes. Jimmy Breedlove was added a bit later and is not on the first two singles, "Scoochie Scoochie" on Lamp and "Only You" on Jubilee.

He is the lead singer on most of The Cues' Capitol recordings, the first of which was "Burn That Candle", released in October 1955. It spent one week on the Billboard charts at # 86, but fell victim to Bill Haley's faster version, which peaked at # 9. The Cues would score one other chart entry, "Why" in early 1957.