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This is the Walkthrough page for the Jimmy's Vendetta DLC. Click on the mission links below to see a detailed walkthrough.


Tutorial Mission

Iconogravia2Gravina Crime Family missions

IconobrodieBrodie Crime Family missions

MisionesRBVehicle Theft Missions

IconobbossFinal Mission

Interactive Map

Roll over the icon to see the mission name or click to see the mission walkthrough.

Missions outside the map: Too Good to be True

Lost in TransitTrash TrailerCalling CardTaking the MickSmith Coupe TheftShubert Pickup TheftHank Fuel Truck TheftThe Big BossThe DonAscot Bailey TheftPolice Bus TheftShubert Hearse TheftCut the Blarney!In Defense of the ProsecutionCapo CappingThe LobotomyThe Good WordTam in a JamI Got the StonesWalker Rocket TheftAccount ClosedPotomac Indian TheftTanker TroubleGAI 353 Military Truck TheftBerkley Kingfisher TheftTo Trap a TrapperThe Red Hand GangShubert Beverly TheftJefferson Provincial TheftPaddy WagonRevolutionPass the PotcheenSound and FurryVendetta Missions
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