Jim McCormick is a character in Mafia III.


Big Jim McCormick is a detective in the New Bordeaux Police Department. His beef with Doc Gaston and his drug operation in the French Ward has left him open to working with Lincoln Clay as long as it gets Gaston off the street.

He tells Lincoln that Doc Gaston is burrowed down like a cockroach and is pumping the whole city full of poison. Problem is, while he's the biggest pusher in the city, no one knows anything about him. The best lead he has is that one of Gaston's suppliers is coming to town and will be meeting with Gaston's people. He can't get any closer, but was told by John Donovan that Lincoln was good at getting information out of people. Big Jim tells Lincoln not to be shy about knocking around Gaston's people, as it's probably the only way he'll get them to talk.

Once Lincoln has messed with Gaston's operation, he returns to McCormick, who's been hearing about a lot of dead dealers. The ones still alive are finally talking, and it seems Gaston is in the Cistern beneath the Big Mouth Jazz Club. He tells Lincoln he's free to go do whatever it is he's going to do to Gaston.