Jesuit in New Mexico is a story chapter in Mafia III.


Alvarez is holed up inside the Anderson Bay Lighthouse expecting his uncle to come pick him up. Lincoln must get him out of there before Marcano's men can get to him.


Jesuit in New Mexico 2

Alvarez meets Lincoln Clay

Sal Marcano hired Alvarez to run his counterfeiting operation using the money plates Goirgi stole during the Federal Reserve robbery. Once Lincoln began to turn up the heat on Marcano, Alvarez got spooked and called his uncle Zarraga to get him out of the country. Zarraga told him to go to the lighthouse and he would send a boat to smuggle him back into Cuba.

What Alvarez didn't know is that his uncle had worked for Marcano, providing security for his casinos in Havana and the two go way back. As soon as Zarraga got off the phone, he called Sal and told him where his nephew would be. Lincoln has to get to the lighthouse before Marcano's men and get Alvarez to safety.

Once Lincoln has taken care of the men Marcano sent after Alvarez, he takes him to Father James and asks him to get him someplace safe. The Father reluctantly agrees, saying he knows a Jesuit in New Mexico who helps people in situations like these.


Talk to Donovan about Alvarez.

Go to the lighthouse.

Save Alvarez.

  • There will be a few men in the area as you make your way through; take them out then kick in the lighthouse door.

Escape with Alvarez.

  • After the cutscene fight your way back though the area. Despite Alvarez's insistence, you can take your own car. Once you get in, an eight-minute timer will begin. A few cars will chase after you and there will be two blocking the road later on.

Get Alvarez to Father James.


Completing this chapter awards the Jesuit in New Mexico achievement and opens up the Watched Him Die conversation with Father James and Burn Like Napalm, where Lincoln will kill Tommy Marcano.