Jeremiah is a character in the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.


Jeremiah is a preacher at a local Church in Sinclair Parish. After the capture and incarceration of Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont by Lincoln and Roxy Laveau, Beaumont turns to the Southern Union to keep Sinclair Parish in line.

Fearing for the safety of his congregation, Jeremiah contacts Charles Laveau looking for help. Laveau sends Lincoln to speak with the preacher and lend a hand with his problem. Once the Southern Union has been dealt with, Jeremiah expresses his thanks to both Lincoln and Laveau for all they've done for Sinclair Parish. Despite the continued danger to his life, Jeremiah stayed in Sinclair Parish and continued to preach the good word to the people of the Parish.



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  • Jeremiah's Church