Jackson Memorial Park is a location in Mafia III.


The park is located in south-central French Ward and features a statue of Andrew Jackson. The park is most recently famous as the place where Lou Marcano's dead and gutted body was placed on display after he and Senator Jacobs were killed after an unexplained explosion destroyed Lou's luxury riverboat, The Delphine, in Bayou Fantom in July 1968.

Memorial Statue

The plaque on the Jackson memorial reads:

Valient Hero
"Charge the frontlines"

A southern simple man, took charge
in desperate times. His vigilance and
heroism has sealed the standard
for military excellence.
New Bordeaux Legacy, 1912



  • Among other accomplishments, Andrew Jackson was noted for his decisive leadership in the War of 1812 during the Battle of New Orleans.
  • The memorial plaque contains a typo. The second sentence reads: "His vigilance and and heroism has sealed the standard for military excellence."


  • Lou Marcano's corpse hanging from the statue
  • Andrew Jackson statue after Lou's death