Jackie Grimaldi is a character in Mafia III.


Jackie Grimaldi is a Special Agent with the U.S. Treasury and friend of John Donovan. She agrees to come in and provide intel she's gathered while investigating a man who works for Olivia Marcano named Chester Moreau, who finances the Southern Union.

She meets with Lincoln Clay at the Briar Patch in Frisco Fields to fill him in. While she hasn't fit all the pieces together, she knows it's deep, it's secret, and it's bringing in much more money than she would expect from a place like Frisco Fields.

Despite hitting Moreau's men hard, all Lincoln came up with is the name Bellaire. Jackie pieces that together with Bellaire's Supermarket, of which Moreau is the majority owner. As soon as Lincoln began hitting the Southern Union, the phones lit up. While nobody mentioned Bellaire's by name, she did get a time. Whatever was going on was happening at Bellaire's at 10 pm. She warns Lincoln that the things the people were hinting at were really bad. She suggests that Lincoln go in quiet, as they need to find out exactly what Moreau is up to and they won't get another chance.

Before long, Jackie learns of Moreau's location. He'd been staying at an apartment in the French Ward that's listed under his youngest kid's name. Her agents followed him and his cronies to Bellaire's Supermarket, where he's currently hiding out. She was horrified when Lincoln discovered Moreau was running a slave trade, so she contacted an old friend in the State Department to get the victims some help. Jackie tells Lincoln to make Chester Moreau and Remy Duvall answer for what they've done.