Jackie DuVernay is a character in Mafia III.


He is an associate of Cassandra who is available with the Arms Dealer perk when you give her control over districts and rackets. He sells weapons, ammunition, vehicle modifications, supplies and various upgrades through his mobile weapons shop. This perk can be upgraded by giving control of more territory to Cassandra.


Screaming Zemi.

  • Add the Screaming Zemi to his inventory.
  • Add a smoke element to the Screaming Zemi.
  • Add an explosive component to the Screaming Zemi.


Jackie first appears in The Way of Flesh, in front of the Pierced Heart, and is available throughout the remainder of the game.


  • Jackie once owned a gun shop but was forced to close it down by the police due to them not wanting blacks to carry guns out there, forcing Jackie to sell his guns in a van.


  • He will often stop a considerable distance from the players location.
  • He often drives erratically and may be involved in accidents on his way to the player, possibly getting killed in the process. When this happens you may still be able to conduct business with him.


  • Jackie in his Bulworth mobile store