Jack of all Trades is an achievement in Joe's Adventures.


Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in "Joe's Adventures."


There are 10 score actions you can perform; simply do at least one of each in a single mission.


  • Velocity
  • Drift
  • Jump
  • Vehicular Kill (Run over an enemy with your car)


  • Regular kills (Non head shot with firearm)
  • Headshot (Firearm kill to the head)
  • Explosive Kill (Grenade)
  • Burning Kill (Molotov)
  • Melee Kill (Unarmed)
  • Demolition (Shoot the gas tank on a car, does not need to kill someone)

Perform all of those in one mission to get the achievement. Keep in mind you won't get it until you reach the safe zone and end the mission.


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