Irma is a character in the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.


Irma is the widow of Sheriff's Deputy Bobby Lee, who was killed by Deputy Tupelo when he discovered a plot to destroy evidence against Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont.

The couple had recently moved from New Bordeaux when Bobby took a job at the Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department. When the hours began causing strife in his marriage, Bobby requested a transfer to the records department, which is where he discovered Tupelo's plan.

After Bobby's death, Charles Laveau sent Lincoln Clay to help the widow, who wanted vengeance for her husband's death. Lincoln tracked down Tupelo, and after learning where the evidence was taken, killed him. After this, Irma left Sinclair Parish under the protection of men from Laveau's movement, and her present whereabouts are unknown.


  • Bobby Lee (husband, deceased)



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  • Irma's house
  • Note from Irma's husband