In the Shadows is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Rocco. JA Icon R
"Barbaro, looks like this shit's thicker than I thought. It's gettin' to where I don't know who I can trust. We got this guy workin' with an outside crew, and this asshole's been skimmin' from us for months... enough to buy himself a death sentence. The prick has a run with his guys today. Steal a cab, play nice for a while, take him to his meet, then gut them all! Sonnavabitch has never seen you before, so it shouldn't be a problem. See me when you're through."


Start the mission and a taxi should spawn in the parking lot nearby. Steal that and drive to the next marker to pick the guy up. Once he's in the taxi be sure to drive carefully, as you'll fail the mission if you crash. Drive him to Lincoln Park, and when you get to the next marker you'll immediately go from your car to being in cover by the top of the stairs. The easiest way to follow him is to run part way down the steps and jump over the low wall on the right, running along in the grass and using the wall for cover.

Follow him without being seen until he meets with his crew and you'll get the message to kill him. If you're quick and manage to take him out right there you can head immediately to the safe zone if you wish, but chances are his crew will cut you down before you get very far so it's best to finish at least most of them off first.

If you don't get him right away then he'll run ahead and hide under a small footbridge with one or two of his guys. Just keep in what little cover is available and take them out as you work your way toward him. Be careful, because they like to hide in the bushes and can be hard to see.

When he's dead and you're ready to end the mission, run to the safe zone one block over.


  • If a taxi doesn't spawn nearby when you start the mission, simply restart the mission and one should.


  • It is possible to drive a Shubert 38 Taxi instead of a Quicksilver Windsor Taxi if the player has stored one in the garage from the 1940s segment of the game.