In Comes the Devil is a story chapter in Mafia III.


Santangelo will not rest until Lincoln's blood is spilled on the streets of New Bordeaux. Spill his first.


Sal and Santangelo

Sal and Santangelo

Lincoln has killed two of Sal's capos, cutting off the majority of his money flow. Out of desperation he calls on Nino Santangelo, a Cuban drug lord, and makes a deal with him. Sal will allow him to sell his product in New Bordeaux in exchange for the money he needs to open his casino. Santangelo's only request is that he be allowed to kill Lincoln Clay.

Once Lincoln enters the French Ward, Santangelo and his crew will track him down and ambush him. Lincoln will need to think quick to defeat him and remind Santangelo of his name.


Nino Santangelo 3

My name is Lincoln Clay

Draw out Santangelo.

Kill Santangelo.

  • This mission works the same as the Retaliation missions; there will be two carloads of men you will need to defeat. It's advisable to drive to one of your nearby rackets or find an area with good cover and away from any police before you begin the battle.

Confront Santangelo.

  • Approach Santangelo and hold down the interact button to watch the cutscene and end the mission.


Completing this mission grants the My Name is Lincoln Clay achievement.


  • Once this mission becomes available, all New Bordeaux Racing events will be suspended until its completion.
  • Unlike most other events in the game, Santangelo's death does not appear in Lincoln's Journal.