ISW 508 Theft is a vehicle theft mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

J Icon VT"Jimmy! I need a word, man-to-man. You remember you borrowed me that thousand? Well... Business hasn't been too good recently, I need another few weeks to pay. BUT! Hear me out... Hear me out for just a minute, Jimmy... I know where you can find a sweet ISW 508. That should do for interest right? That's one of the nicest cars on the road. You steal it and it's all yours. Sound good?"


This is the final vehicle theft mission Jimmy will receive. Time can be tight on this one, so it is recommended to get a fast car and travel in the early morning hours when traffic is light. The car is located in Hillwood at the last house before the observatory. There will be eight or so gangsters that will need to be killed before you can take the car, and as always the police are bound to show up as well.

Alternatively you can try your luck at simply jumping in the car and driving off, the keys are in it so hotwiring isn’t necessary. Once you have the car, drive it to your safehouse in Oyster Bay to end the mission.

Once the mission is complete the car will be added to your garage; however, you're unable to remove it because it can't be sold or crushed. Your only option is to wait until your garage is full and replace it with another vehicle. On the plus side, if your garage is currently full this will permanently increase its capacity by one vehicle.


  • This is a rather odd vehicle to choose as a reward seeing as unlike the main game, the ISW 508 is a very common car and can be found in abundance most everywhere throughout the DLC.