Hot Rod Magazines are collectibles in Mafia III.


Hot Rod Magazines are a series of twelve magazines found around New Bordeaux. They are available form the start of the game and may be collected anytime the player is free to explore the game map.


Bayou Fantom

Barclay Mills

  • January 1966 issue on a barge full of old cars, across the river from the south western Barge Docks in Barclay Mills.

Delray Hollow


  • June 1966 issue in the underground canal system beneath a parking garage in southwest Downtown.

French Ward

  • May 1964 issue inside a garage in the northwest corner of the French Ward.

Frisco Fields

Pointe Verdun

River Row

  • May 1968 issue inside a boxcar at the train yard.


  • March 1968 issue in a nondescript garage along the the southwest shoreline.

Tickfaw Harbor

  • February 1965 issue on top of nondescript brick building next to the railroad bridge in south Tickfaw Harbor in the Best Oil complex.


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