Hot Dog Stands are a business in Empire Bay.


They are wagons with vendors selling hot dogs for $0.20. The stands appear all over the city of Empire Bay at a variety of locations, some random and some not. It appears that soda is available for purchase; however, it is not available for the player at this specific type of vendor.


  • "Fresh hot dogs, better than yesterday."
  • "Fresh hot dogs, no horse cock bologna here."
  • "12 inches of pleasure right here... 12 inches of pleasure right here!"
  • "Foot long, foot long, foot long. Get a foot long, you'll never leave home."

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  • Hot dog stands cannot be robbed.
  • If the player initiates a fight with the vendor and the police break the fight up, the vendor will just walk away from the scene, leaving the wagon.
  • When Vito becomes a made man, the vendors will recognize him and greet him with: "Good Day, Mr. Scaletta."
  • Although there are no real-world brand names in Empire Bay, a "Coca-Cola" advertisement is present on the umbrella stand.

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