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Hot Dog Stand
Hot Dog Stands image1
Vito at a Hot Dog Stand in Greenfield
Business Type Food
Location(s) Empire Bay
Services Offered Food
Business Hours 24 hours
Appearance(s) Mafia II

Hot Dog Stands are wagons with vendors selling Honolulu hot dogs for $0.20. The stands appear all over the city of Empire Bay at a variety of locations, some random and some not. It appears that soda is available for purchase, however, it is not available for the player at this specific type of vendor.


  • Fresh hot dogs, better than yesterday.
  • Fresh hot dogs, no horse cock bologna here.
  • 12 inches of pleasure right here... 12 inches of pleasure right here!
  • Foot long, foot long, foot long. Get a foot long, you'll never leave home.


  • Hot dog stands cannot be robbed.
  • The hot dog cart can be knocked over with a vehicle.
  • If the player initiates a fight with the vendor and the police breaks the fight up, the vendor will just walk away from the scene, leaving the wagon.
  • When Vito becomes a made man, the vendors will recognize him and greet him with: "Good Day, Mr. Scaletta."
  • Although in Empire Bay there are no real-world brand names, a "Coca-Cola" advertisement is present on the umbrella stand.

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