Highway Racing is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Charlie Lopez. JA Icon C
"Joe, I hear you're lookin' to pick up some extra cash. I got an easy job for ya'. Built a sweet ride for a guy who thinks he's a racer. Problem is the little bastard don't believe the car's as good as I say. From what I see, you ain't so bad behind the wheel. You take the car for a little ride, show him what my baby's made of, and I know he'll bite. I get paid, you get paid."


This mission can be a little tight on time. You'll want to keep a good pace going and avoid any serious wrecks or wrong turns. Start the mission and drive the short distance to the body shop in Greenfield to pick up the car, a fully modified Ascot Bailey S200.

You'll be driving a route through a series of ten checkpoints, marked by a giant stopwatch floating in the air, that will basically have you circle the entire map of Empire Bay, driving along the full length of the Empire Bay Highway. Other than police you won't encounter any enemies, and the mission outcome is not affected by bringing the car back damaged.

The mission will take you from Kingston down to the Grand Upper Bridge, across the river where you'll circle around and head down the highway to Southport, following that all the way to the exit in Little Italy. You'll then travel through the Culver Dam Tunnel and the entirety of the Dam district, across through Riverside, and finally finishing back at the body shop where you started.

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