Highbrook is a neighborhood in Empire Bay.


Located in the hills to the north of the city, it is a wealthy neighborhood consisting mostly of mansions.

Notable Residents


Locations of Interest


  • There is a house on the cliffs overlooking Little Italy, just above the Empire Bay Highway, that is identical to the one in the 1960 film Psycho.
  • There are nine wanted posters in Highbrook for the player to find.
  • The gates on most of the mansions in Highbrook are locked and cannot be opened by hand; as such the only way to access the mansions' yards is to smash through the gate with a vehicle.


  • Psycho house
  • Galante Mansion
  • El Greco's House
  • Clemente Mansion
  • Highbrook sign
  • Highbrook bridge
  • Highbrook map

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