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Henry Tomasino
Gender Male
Born July 17, 1911
Died September 24, 1951
Faction(s) Clemente (Formerly)
Title(s) Soldato
Appearance(s) Mafia II
Joe's Adventures
Portrayed by Sonny Marinelli
"This is a high risk business. If you don't like it, you can always go break your back working for peanuts down at the docks."
Henry Tomasino

Henry Tomasino was a Soldato in the Clemente, and later the Falcone crime family. He was involved in running fronts for Clemente, such as his meat packing business as well as running labor rackets at the Southport docks. He helped Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro immerse into Empire Bay's criminal underworld.



Henry was the son of a Sicilian mobster, along with his six brothers. He was sent to America in 1931 to escape Mussolini's clampdown on the mafia, and because of his father's fear that his son would either be drafted into the army or imprisoned. In Empire Bay, Henry came under the protection of Alberto Clemente, an old family friend.

Meeting Vito

Mafiaii 072

Henry's first meet with Vito

Vito is introduced to Henry by Joe in Enemy of the State, where Henry asks Vito to steal some gas stamps from the Office of Price Administration. Vito does so successfully, but Henry finds out that they expire the next day. He then tells Vito to sell the gas stamps to gas stations before midnight. He is next seen in Murphy's Law, and on orders of Luca Gurino, Henry asks Joe and Vito to rob a jewelery store owned by someone who owes money to Don Clemente. The robbery doesn't go quite according to plan, as Brian O'Neill and his O'Neill gang also try to rob the store. After an intense shootout with the Irish Mob and the local law enforcement, Vito and Joe escape with the jewelery. In The Buzzsaw, Henry is given a contract by Luca Gurino to kill Sidney Pen, aka "The Fat Man". Henry asks Vito and Joe to act as backup, and tells Vito to go to Harry's Shop to pick up an MG42. The hit goes successfully, until Henry gets shot in the leg by Pen. Pen is then gunned down by Vito and Joe. The two men take Henry to El Greco for medical assistance. After Vito goes to jail, feeling guilty and wanting to repay Joe, he warns him that Luca has put him on his hitlist.

Henry's Return

Mafiaii 464

Henry isn't seen again until Room Service, where he and another Clemente soldier are taking a beaten up guy out of the Empire Arms Hotel. However, Vito and Joe avoid his attention and successfully assassinate Don Clemente and his top capos, soldiers. Henry then meets up with Vito and asks him to vouch for him and help him get into the Falcone family. Henry is asked to kill Leone Galante to earn his place in the family. However, one of three things happen: either Vito hides in the shower and Henry inadvertently kills him as well as Leo, Vito escapes with Leo without Henry seeing him, or he catches Vito and Leo and makes a deal with them to let Leo live if he skips town. Regardless, Leo escapes and Henry is then welcomed into the Falcone family. Henry convinces Joe and Vito to enter the drug trade with him, and they borrow money from Bruno Levine, an Empire Bay loan-shark with mafia connections. In order to do so, they buy several kilos of heroin from the Empire Bay Triads. However, some unknown assailants in police uniform ambush the trio but they escape and get back into drug trade.


On September 24, 1951, Vito and Joe approach Lincoln Park, as they were supposed to meet Henry. In the distance, they see a man on the ground screaming, and a group of Empire Bay Triads butchering him with meat cleavers. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be Henry. Zhe Yun Wong's soldiers had stolen the money and planned on using it to pay off a loan they had recently attained. Mr. Wong had dealt heroin to Henry, Vito, and Joe earlier in the game, though Mr. Wong hadn't double crossed Vito or Joe. Although Vito and Joe kill all of Henry's attackers, Henry dies of massive blood loss and upon seeing Wong, who had ordered and overseen Henry's murder, Vito and Joe tail Wong to the The Red Dragon restaurant.


After killing all of Wong's men, Vito and Joe confront Wong in his office and at gunpoint ask where is the money and why he ordered Henry's death. Wong attempts to justify Henry's murder by mentioning that his contact at the Federal Bureau of Narcotics told him that Henry was an informant but refuses to say where the money is as he would be dead anyway. Joe then shoots Wong in the head, killing him and avenging his role in Henry's death. When they drive to Joe's apartment, Joe doesn't seem to believe Henry was a rat and says he doesn't even want to hear about it.


Henry's death

Federal Problem

"You think we would take such a stupid risk? And destroy our own factory? That was just another reason to get rid of you. We had problems with you from the very beginning."
— Mr. Wong

The Empire Bay Triads murdered Henry because their inside connection in the Bureau of Narcotics told them that he had been working for the government. This seems odd as Frankie Potts, who is a federal agent, doesn't mention in his files that he or anyone else in the FBI would cooperate with Henry. Still, as Frankie gets into trouble and asks his superiors for help, he is told that they have someone watching his back, but that they could not further disclose who this person is. It is also possible that Henry wasn't an informant at the time of Frankie's investigation, he could have started working for them after the fall of the Clemente family. Also, Leone Galante later seems to confirm to Vito that Henry was a rat (This could be explained by the fact that Mr. Wong claims Henry is an informant for the Bureau of Narcotics. In the early '50s, there was very little cooperation between the FBI and the Bureau of Narcotics, due to the fact that Harry Anslinger, a Narcotics agent, publicly spoke out about the existence of the Mafia at a time when J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI's director, was claiming that it did not exist). It is heavily implied that Henry was working with the feds, though it is possibly a lie made up by the Triads as a way to justify his death. In Per Aspera Ad Astra, Leo states "He was working for the Feds! He was a fuckin' rat. That's why Mr. Chu's people did what they did." It could still be a lie, considering Leo might have been swayed by the triads.


It seems that Henry didn't like to talk about his personal life. Judging by the reports made by Frankie Potts he maintained good connections with high ranking members of the city's mafia. Not much is really known about Henry as he did not like to talk about himself and his life. He was very reserved and had few friends, but not to the point of being asocial; keeping a pleasant, affable demeanor when with others. Henry was very knowledgeable about the various criminal organizations in Empire Bay. Henry was very different from most of the other mobsters, being very level-headed, proper, and refined. He wasn't crude and didn't have the vices many of the others have. He was very much an "old-school" or "man of honor" type mafioso with strong morals and values. However, Henry was no evangelist, as he seemed to be a frequent visitor of the Garden of Eden in Empire Bay. He is in his mid-thirties in his first appearance. Henry was also a role model for Vito and Joe, and also a mentor of sorts, who helps them ascend the criminal ladder. The only time Henry smiles is when he, Vito, and Joe are selling drugs and singing in their car.


  • Silvio Tomasino (father, deceased)
  • Eleonore Castrogiovanni (mother)
  • Bettina Canavosio (wife, deceased)
  • Basilio Tomasino (brother)
  • Fausto Tomasino (brother)
  • Manfredo Tomasino (brother)
  • Osvaldo Tomasino (brother)
  • Pietro Tomasino (brother)
  • Salvatore Tomasino (brother)


  • Henry was one of the "wiseguys" that Joe and Vito idolised when they were children.
  • He frequents Freddy's Bar and Restaurant, which is the front of operations for the Clemente Family.
  • According to Frankie Potts' files, he has several addresses, but he mainly lives at the Empire Arms Hotel.
  • He goes to church every Sunday, suggesting that he is a devout Catholic.
  • Henry is one of the characters on the Mafia II game cover along with Vito, Joe and Eddie.
  • He may be a distant relative of Frank Vinci as Vinci's mother's maiden name is Tomasino.
  • His thirteenth contract was to kill the "Fat Man". He believes this is the reason he got shot, as the number thirteen is associated with bad luck. Coincidentally, his death occurs in Chapter 13.
  • It is mentioned in the family album that his only motivation is his pride and loyalty, and this is what he is known for by the Mafia.
  • News report after his death said he was a struggling entrepreneur, another claims he had interests in waste disposal and construction.
  • Mafia II Avatar items were made available for purchase on the 18th of November 2010 for the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace. "Henry's Suit" (240 MS Points) consists of his default Suit with a yellow shirt and red tie.

Mission Appearances


  • Henry about to kill Sidney Pen
  • Henry's early appearance
  • Henry at the cathouse
  • Henry Tomasino artwork.
  • Henry and Joe at the Bar
  • "Henry's Suit" from the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace.
  • Henry in Frozen Memories warning Joe.

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