Harvey "Beans" Epstein is a minor character in Mafia II and the accountant for the Falcone Crime Family.


He is first mentioned during week eleven of the Story of Frankie Potts, where he is described as a master counterfeiter and is known to print fake cash to use in illegal deals. In the mission Balls and Beans, he is captured by Alberto Clemente's men and interrogated in the slaughterhouse by Luca Gurino and Sammy. After being rescued by Vito Scaletta, he assists Tony Balls in slowly killing Luca.

Mission Appearances


  • His nickname is derived from "bean counter", a slang term often applied to accountants due to their meticulous nature in the quantification of numbers.
  • He also bears a resemblance to Frank Colletti from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.