Harry Marsden is a character in Mafia II.

"Like my mom always said, you can never have too much ammo."
Harry Marsden



Harry was born presumably in Empire Bay. Like Vito Scaletta, he was a war veteran serving in the United States Army for six years. Harry landed in Normandy, France (Utah sector to be exact), and in combat fought there. However, during a nighttime visit to a whore house in Normandy, Harry earned a discharge when he poked out his left eye on a branch while climbing over a fence. The loss of his eye doesn't seem to have a big effect on Harry: he even says he feels glad about it because that is what got him out of the army early. It's unknown how or when he opened his store, but it is well established by 1945.

Meeting with Vito

Vito meets Harry for the first time during the mission The Buzzsaw. Henry has ordered a MG-42 and sends Vito to pick it up at Harry's shop. While in the shop, Vito and Harry start a conversation about their time in the service. Later Vito, realizing that it's getting late, leaves the store with the "package", which was a MG-42 used to blow up the car used by Sidney Pen and his bodyguards. Vito may see him again right after being released from prison, if the player visits his store Harry will greet Vito and ask how it was in prison, he then introduces his new merchandise (this is the player's choice).

After this mission, the player can visit his shop and buy military grade weapons which aren't available in other gun shops.

Mission Appearances


  • Based on the grade insignia patch appearing in his shop's picture texture, Harry was a Sergeant in the end of his career in the U.S. Army.
  • In his photo in the family album, he holds a .38 Revolver in his right hand, although he does not sell them at his shop.


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