Harold Cauley is a character in Mafia III.

"If it bleeds, it leads."
Harold Cauley


Harold Cauley is a reporter for a local tabloid newspaper, The Tattler. He's always got the dirt on what's going on in the city, so when he's contacted by John Donovan, he agrees to spill all he knows to Lincoln in the hopes of getting an inside scoop.

Blackmail Racket

While covering a story about Tony Derazio's little corruption racket, he learned about city officials taking bribes, blackmail, and other juicy stuff. At the center of it all is Frankie Bernard. While he doesn't know where Bernard operates from, he does know about the dead drops he uses to leave bribes for city officials, and that Frankie is rumored to keep a file on every dirty blackmail scam he's ever done.

After Lincoln stirs things up a bit, Harold hears that Derazio is having a hard time controlling the city's politicos and has ordered Frankie to keep an eye on the Imperial Men's Health Club. He asks to tag along with Lincoln but gets turned down. So he requests that if Lincoln kills Bernard, he come back and let him know what happened.

Sex Racket

With all the mayhem being stirred up by Lincoln, Harold can't print copies of The Tattler fast enough. Looking for more blood to sling across another headline, Harold agrees to dish out what he knows about the sex racket in the French Ward. He tells Lincoln that if you want high-end whores in the French Ward, you go to "Handsome" Harry Robicheaux, Lou Marcano's hand picked man. If you want sex, Harry has it all covered. Hookers on the corner, porno shoots, and if you have the money, he'll let you live out your sickest fantasies.

Once Lincoln's done some damage to the sex racket, Harold informs him that Harry is having trouble drumming up business, and even his clientele can't get their jollies while being shot at. He tells Lincoln that Harry is over at Un Belle Jardin, probably wishing he had a tit he could cry into. Lincoln thanks him for all his help before leaving to deal with Harry.