Hank Fuel Truck Theft is a vehicle theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

J Icon VT"One of my best customers runs a garage. Sells car parts, hooks me up with some good business. He also sells gas. Generally of the stolen variety. Find and steal a Hank Fuel Truck for him before his pumps run dry."


This is a pretty quick and easy one. Get in your car and crash through the gate leading into the South Millville Industrial Estate lot. Pull up next to the fuel truck, jump inside then drive it to the garage at the Port.

You'll want to take it easy and drive carefully, as this vehicle turns wide and takes a fair distance to slow down or stop, even at low speeds. Seeing as the AI drivers can't seem to understand the concept of yielding the right-of-way, you'll want to anticipate the intersections well ahead of time. If the truck takes too much damage or hits anything hard, like another vehicle, it will blow up.