The Haitian Mob is a criminal organization in Mafia III.



Baka was widely thought to be the leader of the Haitian Mob; however, after his death it is revealed that Cassandra is and has always been the true leader of the group. They're mainly comprised of displaced Haitian nationals, along with residents of Delray Hollow who don't see eye-to-eye with Sammy Robinson.


Once the group began to take shape, they branched out from their Haitian Camp in Bayou Fantom and began targeting the Black Mob's operations. While Sammy was black, he worked for and took orders from Sal Marcano, and the Haitians refused to stand by and let him continue to represent the people of the Hollow while also doing Marcano's bidding.




  • Haitian boss Cassandra
  • Baka

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