Gunrunning is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Eddie Scarpa. JA Icon E
"Just got my hands on a big score of guns I gotta move on, and I could use another guy. Tony's been right about you so far, so I'm thinkin' of cuttin' you in. There's a delivery of guns waitin' in Riverside that I need you to take care of fast. You get the goods, then sell 'em quick to the local dealers. Don't fuck this up, and there'll be a nice cut in it for ya'."


This mission has any number of ways in which it can be completed. You're given the option of selling the guns to any three gun shops in Empire Bay you choose, but for the sake of this walkthrough we're going to concentrate on one route that's simple, involves no gunplay, and most importantly is easily repeatable.

The difficulty of this mission lies in the fact that as soon as you sell the weapons to the first gun shop, and it makes no difference which one you stop at first, you'll be ambushed by a carload of thugs who can cut Joe to pieces pretty quickly. The method below completely eliminates that threat.

Start the mission and drive to the Clemente Slaughterhouse, where you'll find a green Shubert Pickup parked out front. Once you get in the GPS will direct you to the gun shop down the street, but ignore that suggestion. The GPS is merely showing the closest destination on the map.

The first stop you'll want to make is in Little Italy, just south of Joe's Apartment, so set a waypoint on that and then head toward that location. This gun shop is set back off the street, so when you get near you'll want to slow down and turn right up the sidewalk, not the street, leading to the shop. Stop in front and sound your horn.

When you regain control you'll see the carload of thugs pull up on the street ahead of you, but they won't be able to get close because they'll run into the fence there. Back up slightly, then make a right down the alley and head back onto the street. From here you can simply follow the GPS to the next two gun shops, as the thugs will remain where they are and not bother you again.

Once you've made the last delivery to the gun shop in East Side, simply follow the GPS a block or so to the Falcone Garage and park under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • This is the highest paying arcade mission in the DLC; with a payout of $4000.00 it's equaled only by Cathouse.