The Grow House is a location in Mafia III.


The Grow House is located at Laveau's Compound in Bayou Fantom. It is where M.J. and Lincoln Clay have their marijuana operation set up and conduct their various growing activities.


Main article: Herbalism

The workbench located at the back of the Grow House allows Lincoln to manage and harvest his crops, upgrade the grow house and create new hybrid strains of plants. The status of a current crop can be viewed by entering the pause menu and hovering your cursor over the Herbalism map marker.


The cultivation tab allows you to plant, harvest and fertilize the crop. You may also destroy the current crop and replant another strain.


There are seventeen upgrades to the Grow House that will become available as you increase your Herbalism level. Upgrades decrease growth time while increasing the quality and yield of each crop, raising their potential selling price.

  • Planter: Upgrading the planters increases the yield of the plants.
  • Lighting: Acquiring new lamps will improve the growth rate of the plants.
  • Water: Better irrigation will improve the strength of the plants.
  • Air Conditioning: Improving the ventilation increases the quality of the plants.
  • Fertilizer: Adding fertilizer speeds up the maturity of the plants.

The interior of the grow house will change with each upgrade purchased as the various improvements are installed. There are five upgrades available at the start and new ones become available as higher levels of Herbalism are achieved. Fully upgrading the grow house requires a total investment of $100,000 and grants the Mr. Green Thumb achievement.

Upgrade Costs

Item Basic Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4 Upgrade 5
Planters Free (L-1) $4000 (L-1) $7000 (L-2) $11,000 (L-3) $15,000 (L-4) $20,000 (L-5)
Lighting Free (L-1) $5000 (L-3) $10,000 (L-4)
Irrigation Free (L-1) $4000 (L-3) $7000 (L-4)
Ventilation Free (L-1) $2500 (L-3) $4500 (L-4)
Fertilizer $5000 (L-2) $10,000 (L-3)

L = Level when upgrade becomes available.

The Lab

The lab is where Lincoln can cross breed plants and create new hybrid crops. Hybridization allows enhancing various qualities of a strain by increasing its potency, growth rate, plant strength and yield as well as imparting various flavors into the cannabis.



  • On the interior wall next to the door there's a movie poster for Barbarella, a popular science fiction movie staring Jane Fonda released in October of 1968.


  • Basic grow house
  • Fully upgraded grow house
  • Fully upgraded grow house

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