The Greasers are a loosely organized gang that appear in the 1950s segment of Mafia II.



Street punks known as Greasers first appeared across America in the early 1950s, named after their slicked-back hairstyles. Greaser interests include motorcycles, hot rods, and rock and roll. Rebellious troublemakers, greasers are the dirtier side of the rock and roll generation - barely organized, tough delinquents with attitude. Greasers in Empire Bay are led by ex-U.S. Army tank engineer Billy "Bones" Barnes, and hang around the garages and vacant lots of Millville, racing their cars, drinking alcohol, and partying. [1]

Current Operations

The Greasers consider North and South Millville their territory. Their hangouts include The Dragstrip bar, an old diner they call The Crazy Horse, and the Empire Bay Forge, an abandoned steel foundry. They won't hesitate to confront anyone operating in their turf, including the Mafia crime families.

Showdown at the Forge

After a confrontation with Joe Barbaro and Vito Scaletta in South Millville over selling stolen cigarettes, their leader Billy Barnes is killed after demanding a small cut of the shipment. The gang retreated to the old foundry, but Vito and Joe, along with a small group of Vinci men, including Marty Santorelli and Steve Coyne, showed up and killed everyone there, nearly wiping out the gang.



  • Greasers are a working class youth subculture that originated in the 1950s among young urban street gangs. Their name comes from their "greased back" hairstyle, which involved combing back hair with wax or pomade.
  • During the mission Sea Gift, Vito, Joe, and Henry are seen selling Heroin to many greasers, indicating some involvement in the drug trade. This is also mentioned in The Story of Frankie Potts.
  • Some Greasers have "Hellboys" written across the back of their jackets.