Greaseballs' Arena is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Charlie Lopez. JA Icon C
"Joe! Some fucks broke in here last night and ran off with a roadster. Had to be that prick greaser I just shit-canned. I've seen what those fuckers do with these things, Joe. When they're done racin' it, car won't even be good for parts. That car ain't mine Joe. Belongs to someone with a lot more juice than me and you. You get it back for me in one piece and I'll take care of you big time. But Joe, I ain't lookin' for a bloodbath here, I just want my car back. Try not to kill someone for a change then."


From the mission start drive the short distance to the vacant lot where the Greasers are holding a fighting tournament, with the grand prize being the Smith Thunderbolt they stole from Charlie Lopez.

Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine #14 is located here.

Enter the center of the arena, which is a circle of nine cars pictured below, to begin. To win you'll have to fight against three different opponents, each one getting slightly tougher as you go. Make sure your health is full before starting as it does not regenerate during a fight.

Joe has a few "unique" fighting moves, and if you haven't seen them already, you most likely will here. When you beat the third and final opponent you'll be transported next to the car, so just hop in and drive it to Charlie's in Southport to end the mission.


  • "Greaseball" is traditionally a derogatory term used to describe a person of Italian decent. Considered offensive, it's derived from the naturally oily complexion often found in people from the Mediterranean region.
  • This is not to be confused with "Greaser", which is a youth subculture that developed in the 1950s. Though often comprised of those who enjoyed both working on and driving hot-rod type vehicles, the term comes from the "greased" back hairstyle they often wore.