Grant Purdue is a character in Mafia III.


Grant Purdue is a shady businessman who runs a chain of department stores in Southdowns. As a result of the bad economy, he's found himself with a lot of extra inventory. Because of this, he allowed his old friend Artie Higgins to hijack one of his trucks for the insurance money.

The plan went well, but the problem is that Higgins refuses to stop. With so many losses, his insurance company has declared him a "high risk" and canceled all his policies. Nearly bankrupt and in fear of being caught, he agrees to help when John Donovan contacts him and later fills Lincoln in on the scam and how Higgins uses a fence to offload the goods. Purdue tells Lincoln that if he can get his truck back to him, there's money in it for him.

After Lincoln stirs up trouble with his operation, Higgins calls Grant and chews him out for twenty minutes. Grant tells Lincoln the two are supposed to meet over at Mama Righetti's Bakery to talk further. Before he leaves, Lincoln advises Grant to stop getting into bed with mobsters if he wants to live longer.



  • Grant's store where he meets Lincoln