Going out of Business is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Antonio Balsamo. JA Icon T
"Hey, Joe. Had to call in a favor to get you this so don't fuck it up. We got this thing goin' on with Derek. Hot cars and shit. Should be a lot of dough in it for all of us. But we gotta get rid of the competition first. Couple of little punks, too stupid to know who they dealin' with, set up shop in some warehouse in Millville. You get down there and light the place up good. Take 'em out of business and we'll take care of you. Poor sons of bitches won't know what hit them."


After starting the mission, get in a vehicle and follow the GPS to the Millville garage located in Westbank Steel. There will be some thugs patrolling outside so get out and take cover, then shoot them and head into the garage.

Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine #4 is located here.

There's four Molotov cocktails sitting on a table to the right if you want to grab them. Approach the car in the back right corner and shoot its gas tank then run outside. The explosion will trigger a chain reaction that should make the rest of the cars in the garage explode. If there's any left, shoot their gas tanks too.

Once the cars explode another group of thugs will appear; just take them out then return to your car and head to the safe zone. As you exit the area onto the city streets, the police will be immediately alerted and your vehicle's plates will now be wanted. No need to panic, as you can still activate the safe zone with the police after you to end the mission. Once the mission is over you'll need to change the plates and your clothing to lose your wanted level.


  • Getting a wanted level on both yourself and your vehicle is common in this DLC. Even if the police are nowhere near the area you're in, once the first shot's fired you'll almost always get at least a two-star level. It's advisable to have enough cash available to cover new clothing and license plates before starting each mission.