Giuseppe Palminteri is a character in Mafia II and an arms dealer, master safecracker, counterfeiter, and the proprietor of a weapons shop in Little Italy.



Giuseppe was regarded as Italy's most talented forger and safe cracker, renowned by the underworld and police alike. He often worked directly for the Sicilian Mafia, including when he helped break thirteen notorious gangsters (including Alberto Clemente's uncle Silvio) out of a Palermo jail in 1917.

When Mussolini rose to power, Giuseppe relocated to Empire Bay, where he once again began providing illicit services to the city's mob families. Now retired, Giuseppe is a friendly old man with no known family, who lives only for his craft.

Discharge Documents

As a master forger, Giuseppe was contacted by Joe Barbaro and asked to create a set of fake discharge documents for Vito so he wouldn't have to return to the Army and fight in the war. The documents worked perfectly and Vito never heard from Uncle Sam again.

Joe's Disappearance

On September 25th, 1951 Joe Barbaro came to see Giuseppe about a job. As the two talked, members of the Vinci Crime Family entered the shop and took Joe to see Frank Vinci, who wanted to have a word with him. Later that day Vito came in asking about Joe and Giuseppe told him about the incident, suggesting he might find out more by going to Vinci's bar, The Mona Lisa.

Mission Appearances


  • Giuseppe taught Frankie Potts the art of safecracking.
  • He has the same voice actor as Vito Scaletta.
  • He originally sold batons for $55.00, though this was cut from the final game.


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