Giuseppe Carillo is a character in Mafia III.


Carillo was the most powerful mobster of New Bordeaux, leading the Carillo Crime Family and running the rackets, politicians, police and operations of the city, and effectively keeping New Bordeaux under his firm hand. At some point of his life he recruited Valerio Marcano to his organization. He also recruited Valerio's son Sal Marcano, after the latter saved him from a murder attempt in prison. In these years, an Italian named Enzo Conti started to rob several of Carillo's businesses together with a small crew,

However, Sal had convinced Enzo to work with him to take Carillo down. In 1934, Sal indirectly caused his father's death and placed the blame on Carillo, convincing his three brothers and some other friends and allies to aid him on his quest to take Carillo down and rule New Bordeaux.

While Carillo was dining in a popular Italian restaurant in the French Ward along with 18 of his men, half-dozen men came and ruthlessly shot the place down with Tommy guns, killing Carillo and all his men in cold blood while the fireworks were happening. Those men were Sal Marcano and his three brothers along with two additional men, one of them being probably Enzo Conti. This event would later be known as the All Saint's Day Massacre.

After Carillo's death, the Marcanos took over New Bordeaux' criminal underworld and started the Marcano Crime Family, which became the new ruling criminal organization of the city.


  • Tony Derazio's father worked for Carillo as the owner of a bar which served as a hangout place for Carillo's men and a front for their bets.