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Giorgi Marcano is a character in Mafia III.

"You know something Lincoln? You're probably the baddest motherfucker I ever laid my eyes on... but you shouldn't have said no."
Giorgi Marcano



Giorgi Marcano is Sal Marcano's son and a caporegime in the Marcano Crime Family. Giorgi has been groomed by his father to one day take over as head of the family but rather than stick with the old traditions, he wants to usher in a new era for the family and New Bordeaux. Giorgi is also an old close friend of Black Mob member Lincoln Clay, but to both him and his father, business means more than friendship. Although his father grew on harder conditions, Giorgi grew up with money and luxury, and that made him think himself better than those around him, which is why most of Marcano's men despise him.

He also defies his father by getting involved in the drug trade, selling heroin on the streets of Delray Hollow through the Dixie Mafia, and seems to oppose his father's decision to legitimize the family empire, maintaining that they would make more money pushing heroin than through running a casino.

Federal Reserve Heist

When Lincoln returns from the war at Vietnam, he quickly disposes of Baka, the supposed leader of the Haitian Mob and a thorn on Sammy Robinson and the Black Mob's side. Impressed by this, Sal calls a meeting with Lincoln to discuss matters. Giorgi greets Lincoln in the entrance of the Retroussé Yacht Club and they happily talk with each other, remembering the drunk nights and fun times that he, Giorgi and Ellis had.

Giorgi then introduces Lincoln to Sal, and they all discuss the possibility of Sammy taking an early retirement and Lincoln assuming the throne as the head of the Black Mob. Lincoln refuses, however, and Sal and Giorgi both show disappointment, but accept it anyways. They then propose a heist on the Louisiana Federal Reserve to get some easy money, pay Sammy's debts to Sal and arrange the latter's retirement, though the Marcanos' true motive was to acquire some money plates to counterfeit cash.

On the heist, Giorgi aids Lincoln, Danny Burke and Ellis throughout the robbery, and after they manage to successfully escape, Giorgi parts ways in order to dig up his father so they can get their cuts. Giorgi, Sal and an associate named Ritchie Doucet then arrive at Sammy's Bar to collect their cut. After some supposed celebration, Giorgi tells Lincoln that "he's probably the baddest motherfucker he's ever laid his eyes on", but that shouldn't have refused him and Sal's offer to replace Sammy, before pulling out a pistol and shooting Lincoln in the forehead. He then swiftly shoots Danny in the head while Doucet stabs Ellis to death and Sal executes Sammy, and they steal all the money and set the bar ablaze before escaping.

Gang War

Unknown to them, Lincoln survived the shot by an inch and was hellbent on revenge, recruiting Cassandra, Vito Scaletta, Thomas Burke and their respective gangs, as well as his former CIA handler John Donovan, to aid him in his quest to take down Marcano's organization and take over the city.

After Lincoln turns Michael Grecco over to Vito, Giorgi and Sal have a conversation on their office. Giorgi demonstrates his opinion and tells his father that they could probably make twice the money they would make with a casino by selling heroin and dope in the streets, and after some argument, Sal explains to him that the rules are changing and the situation is getting difficult, and that he wants his son to follow in his footsteps of legitimizing the family empire by assuming management of the casino in a few years' time so that he doesn't get killed as a result of his involvement in organized crime. After that, Sal receives a call from his brother Lou Marcano, who tells Sal of Lincoln's survival, and Giorgi says "fuck me" when he receives the information.

When Lincoln defeats Olivia Marcano and leaves her on a hospital bed, Sal sends Giorgi to finish the job. Giorgi then slices Olivia's throat and leaves her bleeding to death on the hospital, and informs Sal of the success. Shortly after, Lou is killed by Lincoln and his body put on display on a public statue. Sal argues with Giorgi, saying that if he actually killed Lincoln that night, nothing of this would be happening. When Sal bemoans the fact that he doesn't have enough cash left to finish the casino, Giorgi suggests that he could get in touch with Leo Galante, a suggestion that is quickly rebuked by Sal, who maintains that if he brings The Commission on board, they will expect a cut of everything, which is something that he does not want.

After all of the Marcanos' lieutenants and capos are killed, Sal and Giorgi decide to go to the Casino, using the last of their money to afford whatever men are still loyal to them as protection, in order to make a last stand against Lincoln and at least try to bury him on the same ground they will be buried, and Giorgi eagerly agrees.


After Lincoln wounded Giorgi in the casino, he confronted him angrily clarifying that he didn't shoot him in the head because Lincoln turned down Sal's offer to take the Hollow, but because he "thought that he owned" Lincoln. Giorgi denied this and confesses that the only reason he did it was because of his loyalty towards his father, just like Lincoln and Sammy. Lincoln responds saying "then you know why I have to do this" and proceeds in stabbing his former friend in the abdomen, killing him.



Notable Murders



  • Giorgi Marcano's death

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