Gina Kowalski is a character in Mafia III.


Gina Kowalski is a car thief in a world dominated by misogynistic men, but when she's contacted by John Donovan about Frank Pagani's operations in Tickfaw Harbor, she knows she stands to benefit by helping Lincoln.

Gina and her husband used to boost cars with Junior Holland before he decided to burn them and throw in with the Marcanos. Her husband died in prison earlier this year, but she's still working the trade, and it would be a lot easier on her if Junior was out of the picture.

She tells Lincoln about Junior's racket running cars out of the nearby best oil, and the pro car thieves he uses to supply the high-end cars. He usually sells them locally, but with the number of cars that's gone missing lately, she suspects he's planning a large shipment out of town.

Once Lincoln's got Junior's operation stirred up, Gina learns that he came blowing through the Best Oil gas station, making everyone's life hell and refusing to leave until he gets his business running right again. She's never heard of Junior being so motivated. Gina asks that when Lincoln kicks Junior's ass, he tell him that he shouldn't have messed with Gina Kowalski.



  • Gina's warehouse exterior
  • Gina's warehouse interior