Gas Guzzling Trautenberg is a a mission in Free Ride Extreme.

It starts at a sandy corner in East Hoboken. The objective is to drive a Trautenberg Model J through the entire city all the way to the opposite corner - to the westernmost building in Works Quarter. There is no timer, no upper or lower speed limit - the tricky thing is that - as the mission name suggests - the car is extremely thirsty. So you have to visit the petrol stations along the way and plan your route accordingly. Without refilling, you can hardly make it halfway through. Once you run out of fuel, the car stops immediately (no inertia driving) and you have to start over.

This mission makes good use of the clutch control (default X) and even manual shift. The key to this mission is a good fuel-saving driving technique - as soon as you adopt it, the mission becomes fairly easy. Usually, you stop at all three petrol stations along your way (crossroad between Downtown and Oakwood, northwest Central Island and south Little Italy) but if you are good, you can make it with just two stops. And if you are really good, you will make it with a single stop (you will probably need to know some shortcuts).

As a reward for arriving successfully at your destination with at least a few drops of fuel left in the tank, you receive a Speedee 4WD.