Gangster Killing is a mission in Free Ride Extreme. You can start this mission by talking to the man who is standing in front of the entrance to an alley in the Works Quarter. It is the same alley as the meeting place in the mission Just for Relaxation. The mission objective is to kill all the gangsters in the alley. There is a Tommy Gun available right around the corner, if you need one. The gangsters wield Tommy Guns and pump-action shotguns. Upon entering the alley there are two gangsters on the left balcony and two on the right balcony. Moving further down the alley there will be two more gangsters on the balconies flanking the player. (All six of these gangsters are wielding Tommy Guns.) After moving closer to the exit, three gangsters with shotguns will attack the player.

When you have killed all of the gangsters, you'll unlock the Black Dragon bonus car. It is parked at the southernmost end of the alley.