The Galante Mansion is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a large house in Highbrook on Williams Crescent owned by Vinci Consigliere Leo Galante. It can be seen in A Friend of Ours where Vito tries to help Leo escape his mansion from a group of hitmen led by Henry Tomasino. It is one of the largest houses in Highbrook; its most prominent features are the white marble entry and hardwood in the rooms.

It contains things like a jukebox, a piano, and pictures of people hunting with dogs, naval battles, and historical buildings in ruins. Strangely, at the headboard of the bed one can find paintings of naked women such as the Rokeby Venus by Velasquez, Venus of Urbino by Tiziano, and La maja desnuda by Francisco Goya.



  • Leo's mansion in the artbook
  • Sal playing the piano in The Betrayal of Jimmy