The GAI 353 Military Truck is a vehicle in Mafia II.


The GAI 353 Military Truck is a military cargo transport vehicle distinguishable by its olive drab color and the U.S. Army's five-point star on its doors and hood. It's a 2.5 ton 6X6, or 'Deuce and a Half', with a canvas canopy covered bed.

The GAI 353 is geared for power and not speed, being a heavy duty truck and a vehicle tailored for the rigors of war. This results in its very slow acceleration and top speed but makes the truck extremely tough and durable.



  • It's most likely based on a GMC CCKW.
  • The vehicle will be driven by one U.S. soldier who's unarmed and won't put up any fight if you steal it.
  • As the GAI 353 is a military truck owned by the U.S. government, it does not have a license plate.
  • Appearing in conservative numbers in the 1940s segment of Mafia II, the GAI 353's presence is meant to reflect the United States' active participation in World War II. However, the truck is completely absent in 1951 Empire Bay despite the U.S. being involved in the Korean War at that time.
  • This truck appears in Mafia III as the GAI 353 Military.


  • GAI 353 Military Truck Front Quarter View
  • GAI 353 Military Truck Rear Quarter View

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