Freedom of Speech is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy? Tam Brodie. Do you read the papers at all? I've been having a good old laugh today, Eddie Fu is all over the news. Someone from his organisation is ratting him out, selling him and the whole Chinese gang down the river. There just one problem. Little Eddie's put a big price on the rat's head. You gotta protect him so he can testify!"


Drive around the corner into the alleyway where the informant is hiding behind a dumpster. A good strategy is to bring a long vehicle, like a Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood, and use it to block the larger of the two openings on either side of the dumpster. They will then be forced to come at the informant from the narrow side which is easy to defend.

Several waves of Triads will come in from all directions; simply take cover behind the dumpster and let them come to you. You will inevitably alert the police along the way and be forced to take them out as well. Seeing as the Triads will not open fire until they get to the informant, the police will completely ignore them.

Most will be carrying the MP40, so this will provide you with plenty of ammo to get through the seemingly endless hoards of them. Once the final wave has been eliminated run around the corner to the safe zone and end the mission.


  • In console versions of the game users may experience lag and even freezing issues as this mission progresses due to the sheer number of enemy that spawn and inevitably pile up dead in the alleyway around Jimmy.